Admission Gate

In the program, we seek to attract a distinguished category of male and female Learners around the world, in the service of spreading the Arabic language, achieving cultural and civilizational diversity among countries, and enhancing solidarity between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the countries of the world. The Arabic for Non-native Speakers Teaching Program offers scholarships for non-native speakers wishing to learn Arabic language and culture, and seats will be allocated to applicants who meet the admission requirements.

Application and admission steps

The admission portal opens to apply according to specific dates that must be adhered to, according to what was stated in the announcement, then the initial screening of applicants is carried out, and then mails and notifications are sent to applicants to determine the dates of the personal interview, and then mails are sent to applicants to notify the final acceptance within two months of submission. The rest of the details in III: Application Procedure: See below.

First: Admission Requirements

1.    The applicant must have a high school diploma or a higher educational qualification.
2.    He should not have received another scholarship from one of the educational institutions in the Kingdom.
3.    Not to be dismissed from one of the educational institutions in the Kingdom.
4.    To be medically fit (attach a medical examination after receiving the admission notice).
5.     The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
6.    Passing the personal interview conducted remotely for those initially accepted, (there is a member who speaks the Learner's language or an intermediate language).

Second: Required Documents

1.    High school diploma or higher educational qualification.
2.    A valid passport, provided that the remaining period of validity of the passport is not less than one year at the time of submitting the application.
3.    CV in Arabic or English. (optional).
4.    A recent personal photo.

Third: Procedures for submitting the application

1.    Applications are available within specific dates to be announced through King Salman Global Academy for Arabic Language account and social media platforms.
2.    Apply through the electronic admission gate and the link is included in the announcement during the specified period of application. 
3.    Upload the required documents.
4.    The applicant is given a special number (application number) that he must keep following up on his application or amend it.
5.    To inquire about the status of the application, enter the inquiry icon in the electronic admission portal, and view the listed note:
    •    (The application is being studied) means that the application is under study.
    •    (The application was rejected to complete...) Means that the applicant must amend and complete the application.
    •    (The request was rejected, with a nice apology letter). This means that the application has been rejected.


Admission gate