Learning environment

Learning Environment

The Program provides an appropriate educational environment in the form of accommodation, educational, recreational and sporting facilities and safe transport from accommodation to the program location. The program strives to provide a safe and appropriate place for male and female Learners through Learner accommodation and to provide them with all facilities to enable them to stay comfortably. The program also provides an organizational, social, educational and cultural environment that offers learners many opportunities to develop their skills, demonstrate their abilities and meet their needs. The university housing has furnished residential units equipped with TV lounges and outdoor sessions, a training room, internet, a private laundry room on each floor, continuous regular maintenance, security, a restaurant with meals and dining rooms. The Learner housing is generally characterized by the following:

1.    Free outward and return transport from the housing to the program location and back to housing.
2.    Free transportation on weekends for shopping.
3.    The Learner benefits from the garden, the outdoor courtyard and various facilities. 
4.    The presence of lounges for sitting, resting, hosting, walking and hiking paths. 
5.    The presence of a gym to practice activities and exercises.

Enrichment cultural activities, visits and trips

The program also offers a variety of cultural enrichment activities, sightseeing and excursions as it provides a program of cultural and tourist excursions and sightseeing as well as language activities for male and female Learners with the aim of enhancing their language skills, improving communication, creating real-life communicative situations, integrating them into the local community and introducing them to the culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the lifestyle of its people, its geographical features, history and civilization. These include organizing forums and seminars to introduce cultures and civilizations with the title (Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), organizing tourist, cultural and social trips and visits, such as the Riyadh season and other festivals, participating in the celebrations of the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the university, and holding a workshop (Ambassador of Civilizational Dialogue) to develop the capacity for dialogue and spread the cultures of different peoples.